Class Activities

When we were talking about the personal philosophy the one that says, If you’re a good citizen, you always do what the government expects you to do. When one decides to go against their government they are following their heart, they are trying to do what they believe is right. Usually when one challenges the government one risks punishment for that reason one cannot just partially comment to turning against the government all there heart must be in it.

Our class blogs and fishbowls are so much better when all of the students participating are giving it their all. The class discussions are better when it doesn’t sound so forced it just turns out better with more passion.

“Unnatural Killers” was an article that we read and talked about how these two teens end up killing people because they were under the influence of a movie. This article caused class discussions about many different things and really it came down to what do you believe.

While listening in class to the “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” I remember thinking how can one really sit there for a few hours listening to this speech. But if they believe in that with all their heart then it is easy to just sit there.

While watching The Village I realized that when Ivy asks her father to go into the towns that she has done this with all her heart, because that is what she believed was right, even though she was going against her village’s rules. Once she was in the forest she had to keep going with all her heart, she had no choice she couldn’t turn back and let the village down.