For nearly half of my life I played soccer. I always thought that I would play soccer in high school but I didn’t my freshman year. I have always loved soccer and had such passion for the game, but somehow during my last season my heart started to move on. Since my heart wasn’t in the game anymore it was hard to keep playing. That is why I quit, because without heart I wasn’t a soccer player. So I let my heart take me in a new direction, and that’s when I came upon running. Once I had decided to become a runner I went with all the heart and passion that had once been in soccer, but it was now helping be a runner.

My mom has always said that I give one hundred ten percent all the time. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it is a sport, school work, or just taking care of my sister. Even when I am sick or struggling I give it my all. For me there are no corners to cut and there is no such thing as a half done job. It’s always go big and finish or do not go at all.

Knowing this about me explains why my personal philosophy is “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius. Even when I changed my mind I decided that I can’t go just part of the way I have to go with all my effort and heart. Having heart is so much more then it sounds. Having heart means having the passion and desire to keep going even when it gets hard, it means believing in yourself and knowing that yes you can… If you’re in it with all your heart then you love it and will be happy because you love what you do. If your heart’s not in it then you are not in it.